A Fresh Start

As you may have noticed, Dancing Green has been a very silent place… and slowly been redesigned and rebuilt… I’m honestly not dead, but I have been incredibly busy and very unsure of what direction I wanted to take this blog in…. Dancing Green started off as a sustainability and lifestyle blog, but as time has gone on and as I’ve experienced some new chapters in life, I feel like my lifestyle has turned a bit away from a focus in sustainability and I’ve ended up with more of a focus in art (which I have a background in), planning/planners/organizational tools, psychology (my primary major in college), and neuroscience (which has brought me some real life changing experiences.) I am still trying to lead a more sustainable life, but honestly…. these days I feel like I kind of suck at it. 🙁

Because of the major changes in my life, I have deleted the majority of the old blog posts on Dancing Green and have changed the theme of this blog. I will still try to focus on sustainability from time to time, and this will still have lifestyle features, but I want to expand more into the different areas that play a role in my life. I also want to work on eventually filming videos to add to YouTube that will go alongside the blog. Eventually, we will also be adding in a portfolio of my art, a section for my CV, and so forth.

As I find my footing in this new and updated version of Dancing Green, I want to ask those of you reading this… What types of content would YOU like to see on the blog? What kinds of videos would you be interested in viewing? What do you think should come next?

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