My name is Ali, I’m 24 years old, and currently going through college. I’m working on a B.S. in psychology and liberal studies. I’m a prior art school student. My long term goal is to go into art therapy and clinical psychology, maybe even psychiatry if I could ever get into medical school.This blog started off as my adventures into a zero waste lifestyle. While I still believe heavily in the cause and aspire to live a zero waste lifestyle, I have other focuses I feel are also important in my life that I want to write about. Some of these topics include art, science, psychology, and bullet journaling.

When I’m not busy studying or creating artwork, I can usually be found micromanaging various aspects of my life in my Filofax in an attempt to be more organized. 🙂 My other hobbies include writing, reading, cooking, going on adventures, and hanging out with my cat, Merlin.

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My name is Travis. I was born and raised in the Portland, Oregon area. For my “day job,” I work as a residential counselor at a substance abuse treatment center and I volunteer as a crisis counselor with the Crisis Text Line. I am also currently working on a B.S. in psychology, social sciences, and liberal studies.

When I am not busy studying, writing, or working, I enjoy reading, art, cooking, and hanging out with my cat Merlin. I also am in charge of the behind-the-scenes details for the Dancing Green website.

For me, Dancing Green is a place to explore the little ways we are making changes to live fuller lives while trying to cause as little harm to our planet and her inhabitants as possible.

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